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Andrew James Food Mixer 1000 Watt 5.2 Litre Bowl  Review


We cherish multi-work blenders yet we’ll be the first to concede that they’re somewhat costly. So what do you do in case you’re not made a big deal about multifunctions and you simply need to, well, blend?! The uplifting news is, you don’t need to stump up the money for one of those costly machines, the Andrew James 1000 Watt 5.2 Liter Food Mixer may well have you secured!


Andrew James haven’t invested their energy endeavoring to build up a stand blender that is all things to all men. This model focuses on the nuts and bolts: blending! Thusly, it’s one of the main powerful stand blenders that you can purchase for under £100.


The machine is a significant looker, in spite of its shoddy cost. It’s accessible in a few distinct hues as well: silver, red and dark (all of which look really smooth).


The included stainless steel bowl is somewhat immense! At 5.2 liters, it has one of the biggest limits that we’ve seen. It can adapt to up to 2kg of blend, or 5 liters of fluid at any one time; ideal for family utilize.


Settled to the highest point of the bowl is a sprinkle watch to prevent any flour from flying out; a pre-imperative given the energy of the machine. Its 1000 watt engine is driving the blender, yet the sprinkle protect ought to maintain a strategic distance from any chaos.


Andrew James say that the machine has a powerful gearbox intended to be durable. It gives 6 speeds, and furthermore a heartbeat mode for more exact control.


Incorporated into the case are aluminum a mixer and mixture snare, alongside a stainless steel whisk connection.


One thing that got us intrigued, is that this machine showed up in the “Main 10 Food Mixers” in the Independent daily paper, so we have high trusts in it. We’ll see what individuals think a tiny bit later.


We found that most nourishment blenders were least expensive at Amazon.co.uk, including the Andrew James Food Mixer which is right now accessible for half off.


  • Andrew James 1000 Watt 5.2 Liter Food Mixer Features and Specifications


  • 1000 Watt Motor – 6 speeds and Pulse mode for exact control


  • Vast 5.2 Liter bowl – takes 2kg blend, 5 liters of fluid


  • Sprinkle watch – no sprinkling or wreckage


  • Incorporates aluminum batter snare, aluminum blender, and stainless steel whisk


  • Classy outline in a decision of silver, red and dark hues – looks great on the worktop!


How about we proceed onward now to investigate how clients in this present reality found the Andrew James Mixer. It’s a well known machine so assembling remarks was simple; we found around 90% of clients were content with their buy, with around 80% giving the machine good grades of 4 or 5 stars. There’s a considerable amount to overcome here, so we should break on!


For one thing, many individuals specified that they were content with the way the blender looks. Stand blenders have a tendency to be the sort of apparatus will need to keep out on the worktop, so looks are essential. The machine is a blend of present day smooth complete with retro stylings and it functions admirably.


Obviously, the cost didn’t escape individuals’ notice! Under £100 for a stand blender with a 1000w engine is without a doubt esteem, particularly when you consider the value the more settled brands charge. On the off chance that you essentially need a stand blender without any contrivances, this is unquestionably a reasonably evaluated alternative.


Clients announced that the engine is in fact decent and capable, and makes a decent showing with regards to of blending when utilized with extensive amounts. It makes a decent showing with regards to of blending in air, with upbeat dough punchers announcing cakes “as light as air”.



The connections are pleasant and simple to join, expel and swap, and individuals said that the blender and mixture snares were strong and well made. There were a couple of dissensions about the whisk being shaky, however no one revealed any breakages so it appears that it holds it great.


In spite of the effective engine, the machine is decent and consistent on your work surface. It has effective suction glasses on the base which prevent the engine from moving it around while blending, so it won’t run walkabout with your cake blend!


In general, it practically does what it says on the tin – incredible blending at an extraordinary cost. There are a couple of provisos to this however, which you’ll need to endure at the top of the priority list before purchasing.


The most widely recognized grievance is with the way that the machine is aligned. The mixers don’t reach to the base of this bowl, and this implies they don’t blend little amounts exceptionally well. In case you’re searching for a blender for throwing together little victoria wipes or twelve pixie cakes then this one presumably isn’t for you (a hand blender may be a superior decision).


In all decency to Andrew James however, the directions do state that the machine is not expected for little amounts. The super-gigantic bowl gives this away as well!


Individuals likewise revealed that you may need to prevent the machine every once in a while, and utilize the included spatula to rub down the sides. The dominant part of clients had no issue with this by any means, however in the event that you think this may put you off then we’d prescribe spending more cash on a Kenwood blender.


Expressly, considering this blender is 33% of the cost of models with comparable power, we’re glad to stop the machine and give the bowl a rub once in a while! Be that as it may, we can comprehend why a few clients discovered this somewhat baffling.


On the off chance that you need a capable stand blender without paying for ornamentations, then the Andrew James Mixer is a decent choice. It looks decent, performs well, and does what it says on the tin. Yes, you may need to rub the bowl down once in a while, however we surmise that is a little bother for the several pounds this machine will spare you! Another strong exertion from Andrew James!