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After the bison brigade climbed uphill, I moved on to the west. I received a text from a friend in the Park, Brad, who let me know that a black bear I had seen earlier in the day had come to the carcass where I had seen bird activity near the high bridge in Mammoth. Arriving I saw that it was a very large boar.

He fed on what we assumed was an elk carcass. We heard it had been hit by a car. Eventually he ambled away and I continued on to Gardiner.

When viewing the wildlife in the Park, we usually go out twice a day. At dawn and dusk. If there are super-exciting things going on we do stay out all day. It is an exhausting vacation!!!

This evening heading back to footbridge is how I begin. Taking a chance that the Lamar wolves are on a carcass across the road from their den. Waiting is the toughest part, but the wait is rewarded as Middle Grey, a 2-year-old, comes down from Dead Puppy Hill to cross the river and road. She and I are the only souls around and we share a moment where she looks right into my eyesits always an amazing feeling to have a wolf look right at you.

Her belly is so round and full. She will carry food for the alpha female and regurgitate it to her upon her return to the den. There are times when the alpha female, called 06, will come down to a carcass, but the majority of the time she remains in the den with the new pups and the other members of the pack feed her.

What a way to end the evening!! Or so I thought.

I come upon a nice little black bear just walking in the woods beside the road..

Driving back to Gardiner I think about how lucky I am to live so close to this magical place. everyone should come and experience this amazing National Park.