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Enterprise IT Products NY

Enterprise IT Products NY

Outsourced Technical Support
CCNY Tech offers IT Maintenance on an “as needed” or on a contractual basis. CCNY Tech understands IT and can maintain your IT systems to keep your organization running smoothly in todays technology centric world.

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CCNY offer’s quality IT hardware and assistance to help you maintain your equipment and your network. You will receive high quality emergency break/fix services for your hardware. Our cost-effective solutions provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your delicate datacenter. The Program ensures effective and reliable solutions for all of your technology needs.
Server Maintenance Contractor



Temporary IT Staffing Agency
CCNY Tech will find qualified IT professionals to handle your ongoing technology needs or staff your immediate IT department needs. We have developed a strong database of business and technical professionals that can assist in times of need.

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We understand that vacancies come up unexpectedly and the need to expand your team can impact your bottom line if not done quickly and efficiently. Temporary IT Staffing