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Recycling has now reached industry as well as the general
public. Steel is one of the most used man made materials and in the past one of
the dirtiest industries. The steel industry is slowly becoming more aware of its
role in the environment.  One major step
is “mill scale” use which was once cast into landfills as waste. What is mill scale? Mill scale is basically the
rust coating which forms on the poured steel or newly cast surface, it appears
flaky and can be seen easily on the red hot surface. The materials are produced
on the plate outer surface, profiles or sheets when it is produced by rolling
the steel billets and hot iron in steel or rolling mills. Now mill scale is
carefully collected and sold to companies such as Saucon Resources which then
resells the materials for use in many other industries like cement, batteries, aggregates
and much more. If other companies use this as an example we can take one large
step towards a cleaner world. Saucon can be reached at Mineralrecycling.com